The Band

Claire – Lead Vocals

Claire is a true dynamo and the heart of the Ghetto Swanns! You can call her “BritChick”. She has the energy of 5 normal people. Also hailing from the U.K., Claire has lived all over the world. She is always feeling positive and looking forward, onwards and upwards! Claire hosts a very popular Karaoke show as well and fronting the Ghetto Swanns. Her stage philosophy centers around engaging the audience and making people happy. You can just feel her confidence and she loves to sing!  “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”.   Eleanor Roosevelt.

Thanks again for such a great night! Everyone had a blast!”   –   Melissa Nystrom-Andrews

Myke - Drums
Myke – Drums

Sitting behind his DW drums Myke keeps the beat alive!! A native Maritimer, and a drummer for over 30 years he has lived in Calgary since 2000. “Music has always been in my family. My dad in a singer/songwriter and my mom can play piano and violin. I can remember going to band practices with my dad and sitting behind the drums during breaks before my feet could reach the pedals!! ” I listen to several different styles of music and I’m always growing, jamming and meeting new musicians to share music with. Always ready to talk drums or music be sure say Hi at the gig. Myke plays DW Drums, Paiste cymbals and Los Cabos Red Hickory Drumsticks.

“Great blend of old and new, class and sass, shake it up and slow it down ?. ” – Elaine Rogers-Braconniers

Tim - Lead Guitar/Vocals
Tim – Lead Guitar/Vocals

Tim first fell in love with music while listening to his Father’s old Woodstock record that included the live recording of Jimi Hendrix performing Purple Haze and the Star spangled banner. Later on he would discover the Police and Rush and was completely hooked but didn’t actually pick up a guitar until age 18. Since that time he’s been part of many different bands and projects ranging in musical styles and delivery but it all comes back to that first listen of Jimi doing his thing on stage and not giving a crap what anyone thought!


“You are always in for a great show when you go to see the Ghetto Swanns. Their mix of classic hits keeps everyone on their feet dancing all night!! I highly recommend hitting up one of their shows.” Jacqueline VandeBeek

Gregg – Rhythm Guitar/Vocals

Raised primarily by a family of gophers on the wind swept prairies of Saskatchewan (Swift Current) growing up, Gregg moved to Calgary in the early 90’s to attend University and spent hours in his room perfecting the air guitar until mastering it and moving on to a real guitar. Gregg joined the Swanns as the rhythm guitarist/vocals in the winter of 2015 after his previous original/cover band of 5 years broke up due to infighting over who had the best rock star poses, (it was documented that Gregg if fact did). Answering a local ad on Kijiji looking for a rhythm guitar player with sexy poses, Gregg bonded with lead singer Claire on the initial phone call over their mutual love of Golden Girls re-runs and Frankie Goes To Hollywood records. A lover of early punk, new wave and alt-country, Gregg lends a hand on lead vocals on occasion and sweet sweet harmonies.

“Ghetto Swans are a fantastic band!! They play an excellent mix of music and always make the party fun! I wholeheartedly recommend them.” Jennifer Robbins

     John F. Bourne !! Bio pending

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